Thursday, May 05, 2005

we're falling apart

I'm feeling better today, albeit weak and puny, and it looks like I'll be making an appearance at the barbeque we've been invited to. Chicago suggested in the comments of my last post that I spread the joy and sneeze on the barbeque, and while I'm not sneezing too much, I may have no other choice than to cough all over it (Mom did always teach us to share). At least I'm feeling a little better.

Steph came home with a bounty of fish: 13 regular sized ones, and a whopper weighing in a 3.1 kilo! And guess who had to clean them all? No no, he's not that cruel. I did help a little, 'cause you know there's nothing better when you're sick than scooping out fish guts. He also keeps cupping his right eye, and it turns out he was a victim of his mom's pole-casting, and took one for the team. For now he says his vision is blurry in that eye and it hurts to close, but we can't find a specific wound, just redness. We're going to try to find a pharmacy that's open, because today is a national holiday.

I'll write some more about the holiday in a little bit.

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