Monday, March 17, 2008

another weekend in the big city

I'm not doing a Menu Plan Monday this week because a) I haven't had time to actually make a list for this week yet and b) I don't know when I'll do it because I'm so dang tired. I'm so dang tired because I've just come back from another whirlwind weekend in Paris.

I like to go to Paris every once in a while to remember how terribly out of shape I am, but also to catch up with friends and get some badly needed culture. Hey, living out in the country certainly has its perks, but a wide variety of cultural events ain't one of them.

So Friday I took a train into the city (and you can hear about my train adventures on Episode 126 on the Katia & Kyliemac Show) and had some girly slumber party time with Kyliemac. Saturday we met up with Katia and had delicious smoothies and wrap sandwiches (honestly - To. Die. For!) and did some very serious people watching (which you'll hear about in a future episode) before retiring to the Coffee Table Studio for silly shenanigans.

Sunday was the real reason for the weekend in Paris (the rest was a clever excuse to come into town early!) - the Salon du Livre, or book expo. Stéph and I have gone every year I've been here but one, and as we're both big readers and are descended from big readers, this is a big deal for us. This year the Salon is somewhat controversial as the invited honored country is Israel, in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of their becoming a state, and many Arabic countries (some of which also happen to be Francophone countries) have boycotted in protest. Despite the fact that a large protest was scheduled for Sunday, we didn't hear a peep of opposition. We did have a very exciting surprise waiting for us inside - Raymond Feist was there and signing autographs! Stéph had all his books but one (that are available in French, I should say: notably the fantasy classic Magician and its associated trilogy) so after a little cajoling he got in line and met the author. Afterwards I think he was disappointed that he got a little nervous and he thought of some questions that he would have liked to have asked, but he was still very happy about having met him and having one of his books dedicated to him.

After that it was the long drive home. I think next time Stéph will go back to taking the train both ways - a little less exhausting when you've got to work the next day. Nevertheless, it was another lovely weekend in the City of Light; many thanks to my hosts (and to the weather for not being too terribly crappy this weekend!)!

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