Wednesday, March 19, 2008

happy fridge

happy fridge

Our fridge makes me smile every time I go near it. Not only do the most recent baby announcements make their way there (by the way, you can click on the photo to see who's appearing on the Baby Hall of Fame these days), my weekly menu finds a place, and a very special comic strip that my Mom sent me right before she died has a place of honor on the side. The drawings on the bottom are from school. Once a week, Stéph presides over an "études" (studies) class for kids that stay after school until 6:00, when their parents can pick them up. A couple of weeks ago, two young students that didn't have any homework drew pictures for Stéph instead. While I can't wait for the day that our own kids' drawings will appear on the fridge, these always make me smile when I'm in the kitchen.

What do you keep on your fridge?

Updated to add: I forgot to mention that I finished my charity blanket! Go check out Tricot du coeur to take a look!

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