Sunday, March 30, 2008

fun with fruit, part two

Blueberries have a special place in my heart. For as long as I can remember, there has been an enormous blueberry patch at the family farm in North Carolina. This thing is so enormous that it easily gives us gallons of blueberries in good years, and still more than Grandma can use on her own in the dry years. Of course, actually picking blueberries was always an adventure for this child of the suburbs, as there were spiders! And chiggers! And beasties! (Oh my!) But you try telling my Grandma that you only brought back a handful of blueberries because there were spiders and see how far that gets you.

Anyway, blueberries always make me think of North Carolina, and when I found a little package of fresh blueberries at the store this week, I had to buy them. But what does one do with a cup of blueberries? Why, make blueberry muffins, of course.

fun with fruit part two

This recipe is super easy to follow, but beware with the crumb topping. It is delicious but if it's not fine enough, it will weigh down the muffins and keep them from rising. Also, the recipe makes enough crumb topping for about ten batches of muffins. Just so you know.

I have a hard time regulating the temperature in our easy bake oven, so some of the muffins came out a little crispier than others, but there were all delicious. I would definitely make these muffins again!

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