Tuesday, June 14, 2005

pick knickers unite!

You may have noticed something new in my sidebar with the word "knickers" in it. This tickles me quite a lot, as the word "knickers" isn't used as frequently in the states as it is in other Anglophone countries. But if I call myself a "pick knicker," what does that really say about me?

Maybe it means that Steph and I will be arriving in Paris on 25 June to meet up with other silly Anglophone bloggers for a fabulous pique-nique. We are going to bring baseball & gloves, and you're more than welcome to play catch with us, but be forewarned: we are both left-handed! I may even make olde fashioned American chocolate chip cookies, since I have the chocolate chips, providing I can find all the other ingredients.

It also means that, in order to save quite a deal of money, we'll be staggering to the train station to take a bus at 6:30 in the morning. We must really really like you people. ;)

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