Tuesday, February 21, 2006

a cry for help

My sister-in-law is currently working on her thesis on Françoise Sagan and is working her way through a book written about Sagan in English. She has a pretty good command of English but has asked me to translate a couple of sentences, but I have to say I'm just stumped trying translate the following into French:

"Sagan's theater likewise takes on a fantastical cast, powering through whimsical plots imaginative flights from middle-class conformity."

and this gem:

"I will look at what is healthy in the escapism fundamental to her prose fiction and plays."

Obviously I understand them but as for making them understood in French, I have no idea. Clearly, running them through a translation tool online will only result in mush. Would any of my kind bilingual readers be willing to take a crack at them?

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