Wednesday, February 01, 2006

my online library

Today I literally stumbled over a very cool website called It allows you to keep a list of all the books in your personal library which can be viewed publically or privately. You can enter reviews, search for the best prices, and you can even track books that you lend out to others. Not only are all of your books stored online, you can export your list to an Excel spreadsheet. Best of all, for the moment, it's a free service. So you know I spent the afternoon plugging in the ISBN numbers of all my books into my own account. You can take a peak at what books I have by clicking on the button in my sidebar.

Looks like I've got 49 books uploaded, which will soon be 52, as I've got three books coming from (and you know half of the price is shipping! Well, that's another rant story). I still can't believe how few books I have now, compared to two years ago. Back then I had two seven-foot tall bookcases crammed with books. I ended up donating no less than 10 grocery bags full of books to the public library when I moved, and I still have around 20 or so more books hanging out in my friend's attic back in the states. This summer, I'll have to decide if it's worth dragging them back over here or if I should donate them to a hospital/nursing home/Ronald McDonald House and just buy them again. The sticking point is that they are all first edition hardbacks. Hm, decisions, decisions.

Oh - I also want to thank Mai for manipulating my Flickr badge code to line up the way I wanted in my sidebar. Yeah, it's still got some funky lines in it but at least it's not floating out in the middle of nowhere. Thanks again Ms. Mai!

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