Thursday, February 09, 2006

of houseguests and shopping!

new shoes!
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As mentioned in the last post, we had a houseguest this week. Ms. kyliemac graced us with her presence from Sunday 'till yesterday and it was really fun having her here. There was a small bit of sightseeing, a whole lot of window shopping and factory-outlet-malling, and a rather large amount of hanging-around-drinking-hot-teaing. We even used the excuse of having a houseguest to try out the Moroccan restaurant in our village and enjoyed a very tasty couscous and an extremely friendly proprietor! We'll definitely be going back to eat there again!

Kylie was also here to witness the more material benefits of stopping smoking. Steph and I have decided to reward ourselves with 5 euros for everyday we don't buy cigarettes and it wasn't long before I found my first goal - these fun shoes that were HALF off. Can't beat that now can ya? By Tuesday we'd accumulated enough that I could stop mooning at them through the window and actually go in and try them on. I had brief second thoughts as to whether I should buy more practical, all-weather shoes, but luckily I had kylie there to egg me on. Besides, cigarette money should be for fun rewards, not practical stuff, right?

Now the counter is back to zero (actually it's already back up to 10 euro, yay!) and Steph will have his choice of whatever he wants for his reward. I already know what I want next, but I'll have to wait for Steph save up and choose something for himself. I hope he hurries because I can't wait to start saving for my very own mp3 player/FM stereo!

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