Friday, February 24, 2006

a last hurrah

On Wednesday, we hopped in the car again and headed east to visit Doc and family.

The first order of business was to check out the progress on their new house (there are pictures on her site going back to the land being cleared). Now it really looks like a house, with windows and a roof and everything! They have been dealing with the nightmare of building a house for nearly three years now and it seems that this summer they will finally be able to get in there. If nothing else, Steph and I have learned from their experience - when our time comes to buy a place, there's no way in hell we're gonna build!

Then it was back to the old homestead for an evening of catching up. The menfolk seem to be suffering from various degrees of illness, and little Matthieu was certainly more subdued than usual. Doc and I took Christine to the kitchen and gossiped and such, like you do, while Doc prepared a scrumptious feast. Christine is really a little beauty, but when Doc calls her a "little Klingon," I have to confess that she does have a little prominent-brow action going on.

Anyway, like I said, dinner was fabulous, and it turns out, most likely the last time I'll be eating like that for a looooooong time.

This is because I got the results of a blood test back on Wednesday, too. Turns out that not only is my cholesterol much too high, my triglycerides are nearly three times higher that the normal limit. Now, high triglycerides are often found in the blood of people that like their alcohol a bit too much, but let me assure you that my average is five drinks a month. This is all grease and fat, babee!

Aw yeah.

So obviously, drastic measures are called for. I've got to find some low-cholesterol recipes, stat. I wish I liked fish better than I do....

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