Wednesday, January 16, 2008

from fabulous to annoyed in six hours flat

Yesterday we were due for a whopper of a storm in the afternoon, so I took my foot out for a spin in the morning as I had a couple of errands to run. One of them was one I'd been putting off for nearly a year. I can't remember if I mentioned it here, but I broke my fancy-schmancy frameless eyeglasses, and in the stupidest way possible - I laid down for a nap and put my glasses next to me. Yep, you can imagine what happened next. I've been wearing glasses half my life and now I break them? Anyway, they weren't destroyed, just one of the arms came off where it connects to the glasses, so I'd been just sticking the arm back in its slot. But it's been getting worse and worse and I knew it was time to bite the bullet and just go.

Much to my surprise, not only did the woman remember me from two years ago, but she fixed my glasses for me right that minute for free (yes you read that right!) and told me that if this quick fix didn't do the trick, I'd have to drop them off for a couple of days. So far, the glasses are holding up just fine.

This, y'all, is why living in a small town is the best!

Unfortunately, things went downhill from there. I had a couple of twinges in my foot during my walk, but it got worse while I was making lunch and right when I was finishing up my foot actually spasmed. So, off I went to the doctor.

One of the peculiar things about our doctor is that he takes appointments in the morning and the afternoons are first come first serve. I called to see if I could get an appointment for Wednesday morning but he wasn't going to be there, so I didn't have much of a choice. I arrived a half an hour before his scheduled afternoon time and there were already seven people ahead of me. Then he was half an hour late. Then he took an extraordinarily long time between patients (to the point that we were kind of looking at each other in the waiting room saying "what the hell is he doing in there?"). Finally, my turn came two and a half hours after I walked in the door.

This is why living in a small town can suck.

And the most frustrating part is that he's a really good doctor and both Stéph and I like him. Though I have to say, yesterday he did seem way more rushed than usual. However, he did poke and prod my foot a few times, prescribed me some anti-inflammatory pills and cream, and told me I could go on my urban adventure this weekend as long as I wear shoes with very thick soles.

Why is it that sitting in a doctor's waiting room for so long can drain the will to live?

Anyway, all systems are go for my urban adventure this weekend and I'm hoping to catch up with a few friends along the way. I'll be the one wearing hiking boots in the middle of a very cosmopolitan city. Be sure to say hi.

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