Thursday, January 24, 2008

it's still christmas around here

I don't usually post pictures of gifts before I give them to their recipients, but if you listen to the katia and kyliemac show and you listen to episode 112, I was knitting while we chatted and I said that I should be done before the show went live and that you could stop by and see the final product. Plus, my sister, who these socks are for, already knows about the gift, and she'll probably be happy to know that they're done and nearly on the way.

I did actually finish them Tuesday and caught a little ray of sunshine before the sun went down to take a picture:

sister socks

And before you say "it's a little late for Christmas presents, isn't it?" let me just say "ha ha! you must not be a knitter!" and also mention that I didn't received my gift from my sister last year until February, so we reckon that this clears the slate (though I should note that it wasn't her fault and that she did ship the gift well before Christmas, that's just the way it goes around Christmas time).

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