Saturday, January 26, 2008

greetings from fog central

The last few weeks the temperature has been slowly creeping up the dial, so much so that people were starting to talk about an early spring. That is, until the bottom dropped out Thursday night.

Yesterday was supposed to be a cold but sunny day, but thanks to a huge drop in temperatures and the ground being very warm, we had The Fog That Would Not Burn Off yesterday. At no point in the day did the fog clear and it was so bad that you could barely see ten feet in front of you.

It was under these conditions that I drove to Troyes yesterday to meet up with Doc and the rest of the American Citizens of Haute-Marne (of which there seems to be three, total). Thus I am very happy to report that Doc is both alive and well, albeit exhausted from caring for three very sick babies. There was a lot of "I'm just gonna run in here for a minute" up and down the main shopping drag in Troyes, and I actually went inside and bought yarn from Bergère de France for gifties, one of which is LONG overdue. Then we hung out and drank hot chocolate and had snacks of the sugary variety (we had to keep up our blood sugar levels, honestly!) and gossiped before heading our seperate ways back into the fog.

Today, the fog is still here, but as of this writing at 2:30pm it looks like it's finally starting to burn off a little and I can actually see a little blue when I look up. Here's hoping it clears up before the next batch of gray clouds descend on us!

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