Monday, January 07, 2008

watch out 2008

Well, hi there! Sorry it's been so long. I was feeling so much better last week that I didn't even dare stop to blog about it, lest it all disappear and sends me back to my icky, crabby self. But no! The first week of 2008 was pretty nice, all things considered! 2007 was crap all the way until the end, as the special shrimp Stéph and I bought to eat for NYE tasted like they had been packed in salt, and we could only get a few down before we had to throw the rest away. Poor little shrimps died in vain.

But the very next day I finally started feeling better! Wednesday I spent the day wandering around Troyes with a friend that came into town. We were so lucky with the weather - finally blue skies after weeks of shotgun gray. It was cold but we warmed up with frequent café stops and shopping expeditions. I came away with a new book and I also rescued one of my all time favorite movies from the bargain bin. Incidentally, we watched it last night and I was so pleased that the movie still holds up and even Stéph liked it!

Friday night we had Stéph's friend JP over for a big dinner of moules frites. We hadn't seen him since summer and it was great to catch up. Then Saturday night we had dinner with Stéph's brother, wife, their three kids and a couple of other guests for a nice big tartiflette (gotta get those calories in while it can still be considered "the holidays"!).

Today Stéph went back to work and so did I, getting some articles written up and making a grocery run. Of course, not everything is running smoothly and I forgot my list, which automatically means I forgot something, but this will give me an excuse to get out of the house tomorrow. For now, the house is (relatively) clean, the sky is blue and the sun is shining through my window, and I'm going to enjoy the rest of this afternoon. All I can say right now is bring it 2008, I'm ready for ya!

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