Monday, January 31, 2005

never thought I'd say this: TGIM!

Man, this weekend was torture. I don't think I've ever been so happy to see a weekend end.

Yesterday, we met at 3:00 to rehearse for the performance, which started at 6:30. We were in a small hall, maybe 200 seats, with a lovely stage with the obligatory red curtain at the back. It was the perfect size for this small show.

The Vocal Ensemble of the Conservatory (that's my group) performed with the Youth Choir of the Conservatory, both under the direction of the same professor, whom I admire very much. She is the sort of demanding director who commands respect. She expects a lot, which only makes you want to work harder, and I like that kind of mindset in my vocal directors.

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Unfortunately, I didn't get a program, so I can't tell you what the Youth Choir sang, but here's what we did:

"April is in My Mistress' Face," Thomas Morley
"Weep, O Mine Eyes," John Bennet
"Kyrie" and "Gloria" from Messe Pour le Samedi De Paques, M.-A. Charpentier

I love, love, love to sing madrigals, so imagine my happiness in finding a director in France who loves them too! The Kyrie features a small trio imbedded in the piece, and the alto part was assigned to me. This was cause for a lot of panic on my part yesterday, as I couldn't breathe through my nose at all.

I have learned this weekend that there is no drug that can replace adreneline. Each time we stepped on stage, for those five minutes my nose was clear, I could breathe, and while I am not entirely pleased with the sound that came out, I was able to sing, and was on pitch, to boot. Then we'd leave the stage and I was back where I started.

After the concert, Steph and I picked up food from Quick (Thanks Squishy, the chicken curry sandwich is my favorite now!) and went home, and fell apart.

As for today, I slept until 11:00, I called the mom of the kids I babysit to warn her that I'm sick but I'll still be happy to pick up the kids - she declined - and now I've got to try to pick up a little around here before I allow myself to take another nap. The stuffiness is a little better today (but of course, just after I typed that, it started to stuff up again) but now my head is foggy and I've got a little cough. Luckily, we're planning a visit to the doctor this week for something else, so if the cold isn't gone by then at least I'll be able to beg for good drugs.

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