Saturday, July 28, 2007

preperations for a real, honest-to-god vacation

To Do Today

* go to the grocery store
* finish up laundry
* finish and send last assignment
* gather and put together: camera, camera charger, books, knitting, bedding, fishing equipment, pétanque balls, other games
* pack clothes
* prep toiletries
* check and double check and re-check list
* tidy up the kitchen and the rest of the house
* put out the garbage in the morning

O Benevolent Vacation Gods, Please Do Not Let Us Forget:

* the cooler with food for a picnic tomorrow
* the Puy du Fou tickets
* Harry Potter
* the camera or the battery charger
* my wallet (yeah, I am that nutty)
* my toothbrush

We're taking off tomorrow morning and I cannot wait! While we're gone, we'll be celebrating our third wedding anniversary. Yay, us! See you all in August!

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