Saturday, April 12, 2008

yet another seven things

Stéph is on Spring Break and we're not going anywhere, so unfortunately there isn't much to write about, unless you want to hear about our spring cleaning adventures (today we cleaned dirt behind an appliance). It's a good thing my buddy Mrs B tagged me for the Seven Weird Things meme. Of course, I've done it before, but what makes you think that I'm only limited to seven weird things? Here's another seven:

1) I cannot stand the sensation of being breathed on. I have to adjust my arms just so, so I don't breathe on them when I'm trying to go to sleep. This can make cuddling kind of challenging sometimes, too.

2) My mom used to give us milk and diet coke (in the same glass) when we were kids. Can't speak for my sister but I loved it. That doesn't mean I'd try it now...

3) Warning: Grossness Factor High I have a problem with excessive ear wax. I used to have to have my ears irrigated by a doctor when I was a kid, and then once a semester in college. I do it myself at home with a kit now. Stéph says we could start a candle factory.

4) I HATE hot weather with the heat of a thousand suns (pun intended). Yes, I grew up in Florida. Yes, Carolina summers are not much better. I simply was not built for summer.

5) I mentioned this one in my 100 Things About Me, but who reads those anymore? I very seriously wanted to be Rockette when I was a kid (this is not totally random since I'd started dancing at six and was a pretty decent tap dancer). It wasn't until I realized I would never be tall enough that I let go of that dream.

6) I like my freckles. I never understood why some people want to get rid of theirs.

7) Last week I downloaded EverQuest and that's what's been sucking my life through the computer ever since. Yep - gamer nerd girl lives!

As usual, tagging people leaves me with hate mail, but if you want to do it, let me know and I'll link you here!

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