Monday, July 27, 2009

bloggus interruptus

I got a little behind with my stories of travels with my sister, and then we had a bit of a computer scare: Stéphane came downstairs with Fry Sunday morning and after getting Fry his milk, discovered that not only would the computers not come on, but we had blown a fuse. We eventually figured out that it wasn't the outlet but my computer that was the problem.

While I did manage to get a few things done yesterday, having been forced to step away from the computer since we no longer had internet, it was a tense wait until this afternoon, when we could bring the computer into the shop to see if we'd have to buy a new one, which is definitely not in the plan right now! We got lucky this time: just a blown transformer, changed in fifteen minutes, and because everybody and their brother is on vacation right now, he was able to check it and change it right away. Whew!

But now I only have two days to whip the house into shape (because coming home to a clean house is liking giving yourself a present, isn't it?) and stop making lists and pack. The rest of the vacation pictures are loaded on flickr (but still private so I can add notes to them) and if I can't get to them before we leave, I'll try to get to a computer at some point during our three week vacation and leave a quick note, or write some more about our travels before I forget all the little details!

But if I don't make it back here, have a great August and see you on the flip side!


Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage!! Have a great trip and visit with friends and family!!

Justin said...

Wow that is good news that the computer was easily fixable.

Have a great time on your vacation! :)

White Arrow said...

Can't wait to see you FSC!!!!!

Lisanne said...

Hi there! :) Just wanted to pop in and say hello while I'm catching up on blog reading. Hope you guys are doing well!