Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a fabulous time at the annual French Thanksgiving weekend with our friends Doc and Marc! We were quite low on Americans this year, with Doc and I being the only ones in attendance, but we were blessed with the presence of Mr and Ms Mac, who don't speak French so I hogged them all to myself all night and talked so much I lost my voice! I made a great big dish of Fat Potatoes Fat Fat and we enjoyed turkey, dressing, green bean casserole, others "enjoyed" Brussels sprouts (weirdos) and we all devoured a million different desserts. Fry charmed everyone as usual and did very well despite the lack of sleep.

Speaking of Fry, last Thursday night, free of his baby jail, he pulled himself up on the tv stand as he often does, but then turned to me in the kitchen and walked to me, then walked around the downstairs (one big room) twice, and then went up the stairs alone (with Papa right behind him)! He's officially walking without help now, and that's truly something to be thankful for!


JChevais said...

Sniff. I was very sad to miss Thanksgiving AGAIN this year. Maybe I'll be luckier next year?... If you think Doc'll forgive and bother inviting me again? Sigh.

Fry is mobile! Hurrah!

Ms Mac said...

*eats brussels sprout*


Ronica said...

Can I have the recipe for Fat Potatoes Fat Fat? Sounds delish. ;-) (And you're right. They are weirdos.) Love you, thanks for making me giggle.

Antipo Déesse said...

NOW you tell me I missed your Fat Potatoes Fat Fat?

I will cancel ALL wedding invitations next year, even if it's Seb Chabal wanting to marry me, in order not to miss the Turkey Party!

The Inside Skinny Girl said...

I decided to be brave and try the brussel sprouts this year, thinking that maybe this time I would like them after all (being the one and only vegetable I have always detested). Alas, I still hate them. Which I guess makes me NOT a weirdo.

At least, in one respect.

I think you need to post that potato recipe.

Doc said...

Freaks, does it not help that the sprouts are cooked in loads of bacon?

Twincerely,Olga said...

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