Sunday, October 03, 2010

23 months!

Yesterday Fry turned 23 months! One more month to the big TWO! I can't believe it!

This has been another big month for Fry. He's really starting to talk more, trying out words like "chaussures" (shoes), "banane" (banana), milk, socks, scissors, etc. If we ask him to say something he doesn't always try, but he'll randomly say a word when you're not expecting it, and considering it can be in either French or English, we don't always catch it!

Now in addition to knowing the alphabet, he has nearly got counting to ten down, at least up to seven in French. He loves to count on his fingers with us and knows to use both hands.

We also seem to be done with sippy cups! Don't get too excited, as he still takes his milk in a bottle (to those of you with bottle fed babes, when did you cut out the bottle? I've tried straws but he doesn't seem to get the concept), but at dinner time he now has his own little cup and can drink a little at a time.

Finally, we have actually started introducing the potty. Yep, we know we're crazy! Since he's going to nounou's house once a week and the other kids are either trained or in training, we hope that he'll get interested in the idea. MIL is also in on the act and has had good results, and we've had some good results as well. We don't expect him to get it anytime soon but if we can get consistent about it maybe it will click, who knows? We're trying to keep it light and casual. (I cannot believe I just described potty training as casual. WTF??)

Now, if only we can get him to get used to the idea of giving "bisous"...

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Emily said...

WOW. He knows a lot more than the 2.5 year old I keep (who is not being raised bilingual)! This kid can't count at all and doesn't recognize letters or their sounds. I think they still give him a bottle in the mornings, and he has a bottle with water by his crib, but there are no sippy cups in the house. He drinks (one-handed!) from an adult glass (no plastic cups in the house). BUT, annoyingly, they haven't started potty training him. They make him sit on the toilet and pee before getting in the bath, but he has no concept of doing that all the time, and won't tell you when he needs to be changed. You just have to smell it. :(

And I think I'm probably going to give him some weird complex because I do everything in my power to not let him have his pacifier when I'm with him. The parents just give it to him as soon as he asks for it, but I think that if he can ask for it in a full question ("elle est ou, ma tetine?") then he doesn't need it. *evil nanny*

I want to take it upon myself to potty train the little guy because I think that changing diapers is the grossest thing ever, but I don't think that 3 hours a day 5 days a week is enough time to do it.

Happy 23 months to Fry! And sorry for the novel of a comment.