Monday, March 14, 2011

Vivi goes to the cinema

...and sees a movie in English!! Now there's something I didn't think I could do a few years ago!

When I visited Stéphane in 2003, there was a cinema right in the middle of old downtown Troyes that showed movies in VO (version originale) and we saw Lost in Translation there (no, irony was not lost there). By the time I moved here in the Fall of 2004, that cinema had closed and the new multiplex didn't show movies in VO. Going to the movies, such an integral part of my life before, simply slipped away. As my French got better, we started to see a few movies (I think I saw one of the newer Star Wars movies in French) and by the time the huge French sensation Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis came out, Stéphane and I were making a habit of going to the movies again. Of course, when Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis came out, I was pregnant with Fry... so yeah, not a lot of movie-going after that.

I eventually gave up on checking Troyes' cinema web page for showings in VO, even for the big blockbusters. A few weeks ago, something made me check it again, and lo and behold, there is was, the magical VO, for The King's Speech! I casually mentioned to my MIL that it sure would be great to see a movie in VO and she actually volunteered to keep Fry for me. So guess where I went this afternoon?

Today is the last day of Le discours d'un roi in Troyes, and it just happened to be in VO, so I dropped Fry off just in time for his nap and went to the movies. I have no problems at all going to the movies by myself (I did it quite a lot when I was younger) and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and it completely deserves all the Oscars it won.

Now, that is a completely civilized way to spend a Monday afternoon, don't you think?


MilkJam said...

we were really lucky in Caen - there were 2 independent artsy movie houses in town and they were cheap!
near Cherbourg we have 2 movie theaters - a huge multiplex and an independent art house which tends to show very off the cuff movies. sadly not many of the more common blockbusters or even oscar nominations tend to be shown. they are showing the black swan and true grit (saw it the other night!)
we tend to "rent" dvds to watch at home if the language is more important to the film, if it is a big blockbuster (think die hard) where the action/special effects are more important then we'll go to the multiplex and see it in French.

Unknown said...

I'm not a big movie goer, but I think I would miss getting to trot down to the theater and see whatever I want in my native tongue. The things I don't think of that are probably the every day of the ex-pat life. That's why I love reading your blog.

Since I'm not a movie goer I haven't seen The King's Speech yet even though I've told myself for months that I want to go. Maybe tomorrow.

laanba said...

That last comment was from me. Stupid Google.

c'est Jeff ici said...

There is something quite decadent about movies in the afternoon. One year in Paris we showed up for the 11am opening of The Da Vinci Code. I got to the Gaumont Alesia early to beat the crowd. My wife, I, and one other man were the only people in the theatre!

Walking out into the daylight made it seem like we had another whole day to spend in Paris.

Karla said...

One of my favorite indulgences was to go to the matinee on my day off. Nothing better than a movie in the afternoon.
Matinees happen rarely in Norway, only sometimes on weekends, and even so, I am working all day (matinees don't count on weekends, it's not decadent if you aren't skipping work, somehow).
Lucky you and your movie day!

paris hotel said...

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Billy Rivers said...

Thats for the great article. The French make some wonderful movies. I have travelled to Paris many times, but never gone to a cinema. Maybe I'm missing out!

Grace said...

I must say, I would miss going to the movies if I moved to Europe. Yes, there are plenty of fantastic European films out there that I am dying to see, but there is something weirdly nostalgic about going to a movie here in the states. I don't get to do it as much as I'd like (broke student budget doesn't allow for it), but I think it is a really great experience that reminds me of how excited I would get to see a movie in theaters as a kid. I don't know if I would get the same feeling abroad.

villas in provence said...

VO? I'd never come across that term before. I can imagine seeing a film in English can be a little bit of welcome relief for any ex-pats in France. It's the little things that make a big difference!