Tuesday, March 21, 2006

around the blogosphere

This may seem like a cop-out post, but sometimes you just find such cool stuff you want to share them, you know? Here are four blogs that I would like to bring to your attention because I've been enjoying the hell out of them and I'd like to share.

First up, Kim is an American going to university at La Havre and she is writing some very interesting posts about the current student strikes happening all over France. The strike situation is one I haven't written about for a variety of reasons but I may try to tackle soon. Anyway, Kim's view is very interesting and it's fascinating to see it from her perspective.

GC Philo is an American teaching English as a second language in southern Spain. I've been reading his blog for months but only got off my ass and created a new "Spain" button for my sidebar today. The title of his blog is Not Safe For Work (I put the alternate title in my sidebar because I am such a wuss!) but just do a finger-scroll and read his extremely-well written and entertaining posts. I really look forward to his weekly updates - and hey, he just got engaged! Go congratulate him!

Gnumoon is a photographer at App State (where some of my cousins went to school, so Woo!) and recently worked the Nine Inch Nails concert there. The photo gallery from the show can be seen here. Is it just me, or does Trent look a little more... beefy than he used to? Hm. I've seen him twice - Orlando in a teeny tiny club in 1989 (still my favorite concert ever) and in Charlotte in 1991 or so with the band Pigface. From the way Gnumoon talked about the concert, it sounds like his shows are just as intense as ever.

Once again, my Bloglines list is increasing, thanks to Boing Boing. My newest addition is Geoffrey Chaucer Hath A Blog. Verily I say unto thee, it ys quite goode.

And by the way - I'm going home for a week for Easter! Bought the ticket yesterday! Woo!

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