Wednesday, March 08, 2006

i'm still here

Everything's fine, apart from health crises and cross stitch mania.

Yesterday I visited the icky doctor again. She's the one who ordered the blood test, so when I showed her my results (which I'm glad I brought with me, as she hadn't received her copy yet) I got a sharp gasp when she saw the cholesterol results and and even bigger gasp when she saw the triglyceride result. Honestly, she went into drama queen mode for a minute, there. Anyway, she told me what I had already gleaned from the internet and my comments box (thanks nice people!), that fatty meats, alcohol and sugar were out of bounds.

Last night I had a small health scare, but Steph needed to go back to his doctor anyway and Wednesdays are his doctor's non-appointment days, so we went together this afternoon. I'm fine, and he had a look at his results and said basically the same thing. No more camembert for three months. Looks like it's time to explore some different cheeses.

Tomorrow I'm running away Doc's house because she's gonna run away on Friday to go to a salon de déco in Nancy. I haven't been to Nancy yet so I'm looking forward to giving the camera a little workout.

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