Thursday, March 30, 2006

the clusterf*ck

In Which Everthing That Could Go Wrong, Did.

The plan:
1. Stop at store on the way into Troyes, where you're sure you won't find anything but it's worth a shot.
2. Go to store in Troyes where you have found clothes before.
3. Pick up gift for the little girl who's getting sprinkled with holy water this weekend.
4. Go to big grocery store, pick up a few groceries plus stuff to bake a cake for husband.
5. Fill up the tank, as you're already starting out at less than a quarter of a tank because your husband famously doesn't bother to fill up the tank until the light comes on (grr).

What really happened:
1. Stop at the store on the way into Troyes, find nothing as expected. Continue on.
2. Go to the store in Troyes, find a great skirt and sweater, go to the cashier to pay. Realize you don't have the bank card in your wallet. Husband must have taken it, but that's ok because you always have the.... check.....

3. Put skirt and sweater on reserve, drive home on fumes, beat self up over the fact that you didn't do the money check before you left the house.


Well, I'll have to go back tomorrow, but them's the breaks. I am really pleased with the skirt I found, however. You know those trendy skirts that have the two-layer thing going on that look like costume rejects from Oliver! or something? Yeah, I bought one of those. In blue. Yeah, I'm trendy, bite me. I have no idea what kind of shoes look good with those skirts, however... any suggestions?

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