Sunday, July 02, 2006

Allez les bleus!!!

What an amazing match last night! The French ran circles around the Brazilians; Brazil's star Ronaldho jogged in a circle all night, and I finally saw the Zizou that everyone has been raving about - unbelieveable control and play-making extraordinaire! After Henry tipped the ball into the goal at the 57 minute mark, my heart was in my throat for the next thirty minutes! After that display, it seems really possible that France could repeat it's victory from 1998!

Even here in the middle of nowhere, cars raced up and down the main drag of the village, honking horns and screaming in delight. I can't imagine the chaos in Paris, or even in Troyes! How exciting to be here when the French are on the cusp of winning the World Cup!

I come from a family of true sports lovers - from my grandfather who played professional football (and also had a PhD in Education - so much for dumb jocks!) down to my generation, where I and all of my cousins played some sport or another growing up. I always wrote off soccer as being boring and too long, but if my fellow Americans saw the game I saw last night, I don't know if they could keep that opinion for long. It was fast paced and tense, like a roller coaster, just how I like my sports. Now baseball and football seem never ending in comparison. Watch out, I think I'm turning into a convert to "real" football!

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