Monday, July 17, 2006

feelin' hot hot hot

There seems to be some confusion about our party; I've received several emails asking how it was, when in fact it hasn't happened yet. We spent another afternoon in Troyes today, ordering the meat for the barbecue and planning out everything else with our co-conspirators, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. It seems we've got everything planned out and we're gonna be good to go this Saturday.

The other thing we did today was buy a column fan. Honestly, our little office with two computers is so hot, I was afraid I was going to short out the keyboard with my own sweat. So far, with the fan behind us, it's been a huge improvement. We bought it just in time, with the temperatures climbing and no break in the foreseeable future. By Wednesday we'll be smack in the 90's. Y'all enjoy your air conditioners back home, y'hear?

I think it's time for a change for this here blog. This template is really lovely, but I think I'm ready for something new. I don't suppose anyone would be interested in designing something up? Maybe for a French goodie box in exchange?

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