Wednesday, July 26, 2006

in between time

the hall
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Once again, the temperatures have risen so high that I must do as much on the computer as I can stand first thing in the morning, because it is unbearable to sit in this room for more than ten minutes after noon. I finally got some pictures on my flickr set of the party and of our walk around Troyes on Monday. Much to my shame, I didn't take any photos after the party actually started, but some family members did, so one day I'll scan them and add them to the set.

The plane tickets have been purchased; we'll be at my father's house on Monday night. He has been released from the hospital and that's about all I know. For now, I'm living in this weird in-between time, where the situation doesn't seem real. Except for my daily phone call to either my sister or my aunt, or even Dad, when he's feeling well enough to talk on the phone, you wouldn't know that anything has changed. Soon we'll be dragging suitcases out of the closets and facing reality. I am preparing myself to meet a changed man and to stare death in the face. More than anything, I can't believe I have to face this again, so soon after losing Mom.

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