Saturday, July 15, 2006

nether regions update

I didn't really think it was appropriate to talk about my nether regions on France's national holiday, so I saved that for today. Of course, you may think it's never appropriate to talk about my nether regions, in which case I encourage you to scroll, baby, scroll!

So Thursday I met the newly recommended gyno for checking out the cyst situation. He was really very nice (and spoke a little English: "So, you want to be pregnant?") and very encouraging about everything involved. To make a long story short (and to make it as low on ick as possible), he has put me on dydrogesterone therapy for three months, after which I'll have another sonogram to check the status of the cysts. If they haven't decreased in size by then, I'll have to go to the hospital to have them removed under general anesthesia through an incision in my belly. My translator (and very, very brave husband) didn't quite catch the reason it's not possible to take them out via the most obvious route; something's too thick or too thin. All in all, I'm feeling very zen and encouraged about the whole thing that everything's going to turn out alright. The best case scenario is that the cysts go away on their own and we get a baby in the bargin; the worst case scenario is I get a couple of day's rest in the hospital and I get a really good nap and wake up cyst-free. It's a win-win situation, really.

We're heading out of town this afternoon, so everyone have a great weekend!

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