Monday, July 10, 2006

pain, frustration and despair

Well, there's an uplifting title!

I haven't been updating simply because I've been feeling so crappy. Thursday I had a sonogram and discovered I'm carrying around three cysts in my nether regions. Steph had a look at the results while we sipped a coffee at a cafe we like in downtown Troyes, and exclaimed, "This one's as big as a apricot!" I don't do anything by halves, you know.

Saturday we helped Steph's little sister and boyfriend move into a new apartment. C. was already in the new apartment so I waited with her and we had a good chat while the rest of the guys loaded up the trucks. She's six months pregnant and already looks like she swallowed a basketball and is completely adorable. When the trucks arrived, I carried a couple of boxes but started getting really strong cramps so I stopped, much to my disappointment. Nothing bothers me more than sitting on my ass while other people work. I guess I'll have to pass on the Benevolant Dictator job.

Last night we watched the World Cup final. We actually missed the first ten minutes, because we thought the match started at 9:00, so we missed France's goal. We were more shocked and disappointed with Zizou's headbutt than losing the match. Steph said, "All the kids at school look up to him and this is their role model?" I cannot imagine what could have been said that was so ugly that he could forget himself like that.

This morning we went to my follow-up doctor's appointment. Apparently the cysts are too large to be treated with medicine so I've got an appointment to see a (new and recommended) gyno on Thursday. It seems they'll have to vacuum them out. Steph offered to do it himself to save us a trip but I think I'll let this professionals handle this one.

Despite feeling like I've been hit by a bus, we've got some fun things happening this week, including a barbecue tomorrow, preparations for our big party next weekend, and a picnic in Paris on Saturday. The weather is staying relatively cool and it's been lovely here, and summer is rolling along just the way I like it.

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