Sunday, March 27, 2005

happy easter!

First, let me say a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who left such lovely and encouraging comments the last few days. I am taking them to heart and will make a concentrated effort to get out of the apartment more. A lot of the frustration last week stemmed from the fact that I was sick and felt trapped in the apartment all week. Anyway, your comments were greatly appreciated.

We've been busy the last couple of days, so that certainly helped as well. A colleage of Steph's has moved from Troyes to the town about half an hour away where they both work, and we helped out in the move. Friday afternoon we picked up the rent-a-van and piled all of her things in the back in about an hour. Since she doesn't have a lot of heavy furniture, it was pretty simple. Then Saturday morning, we picked her up and drove to the new place. She's moving from a very small one bedroom studio to a two bedroom two-story house with a garden in the back. It's a wonderful house, with a huge kitchen and bathroom. I hope we'll be able to find something similar when we're ready to move. We were joined by two other colleages and were done by noon. It was the easiest move I've ever participated in.

We're going over to the in-laws for lunch in a little bit, so I hope to post more later today about celebrating Easter in France. I hope everyone has a great Easter, and in the meantime, here's a little something my friend Dana sent me which also really cheered me up:

E-A-S T-E-R EGG with a double G

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