Tuesday, March 08, 2005

GISBE recipiant links

Here is a list of links to people who have received their GISBE packages. If you don't have a blog but would like to show off your package and publicly thank your gift sender, please be sure to let me or Tracey know, and we'll be happy to feature you! This list will continue to be updated, and there will be a link in the sidebar for easy access.

Karla atTales of a Texpatriate
Gale at How I learned to stop worrying and love Herring (two entries)
Ashley atAshley's Random Blog
Marie at Blue Ridge Blog
Katia at An Aussie Lass...
Nancy at Everything Just So (scroll down)
Erika at Blah-ditty-blah
Heather at Based on a True Story
lizardek at lizardek's obiter dictum
Mariko at super eggplant
Lili at Greener Pastures
srah at srah blah blah
Tania at Tania with an I
Impossible Jane
City Elf
Sarah at Bienvenue a mon monde
Sis at Day@theBeach
My partner in crime: Tracey Marshall Knows Swedish
Mathieu at Ban Sidhe (scroll down a little bit)
Faith in Florida (scroll down a little bit)
Kinuk in Poland
Elizabeth at my own little space...
Denise at Do you have that in my size???
Brandon at One Child Left Behind
All Things Jennifer
Andrea at Soapbox
Coffee Table Declarations
lia at Chasing Amy
deeleea at Singular Scene

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