Sunday, August 03, 2008

99 days

That's how many days my little pregnancy widget says I have until French Fry's due date. I can't believe we're into double digits already!

This past week was pretty rough, I think mostly because of the heat wave we had. I've never done well in hot temperatures anyway but I spent most of my time crashed in front of a fan feeling nauseous and not feeling French Fry move much. Now that the weather's broken and we've had a couple of days of more reasonable temperatures he's back to his usual cartwheels. I reckon he's gonna take after his mom in this area! Unfortunately, it looks like the temperature's going to start climbing again by the middle of the week. Bring on September!

We did manage to get out and do a little furniture shopping - not baby furniture but certainly because of the baby. Since we've got to convert the office into a nursery, we need to move the computers downstairs, so we need a smaller desk/table that will actually fit (and preferably match one the desks we already have). The desk that doesn't go downstairs will become a glorified changing table. Then we're going to get a larger armoire for our bedroom so that our small one can go into the nursery. We found one that we think will be perfect for storing not only clothes but all my yarn as well, which is currently languishing in several classy plastic bags strewn around the bedroom. Since we've got a checkup this week in Troyes, we'll likely buy the items we saw last week while we're in town, and The Great Reorganization of 2008 will begin!

Also - and believe me, this is kind of humbling to admit - we both totally forgot about our anniversary last week! I guess we've hit "old married couple" status at only four years! On our way back from Troyes on Thursday, Stéph asked me what day it was. Even when I responded "July 31" I still didn't get the significance until he said, "Our anniversary was yesterday!" Heh. I blame the heat.

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