Sunday, December 21, 2008

in which Vivi runs away

When Stéph started his paternity leave, he gave me an unexpected and much needed gift: a "Get out of Tiny Town Free" card. So last week I left the boys at home and went to Paris for the day.

On my way to meet Katia and kyliemac and Aimee for lunch, I happened to pass Saint-Séverin Church, which is special for me because it is one of the places my high school choir sang when we came to Paris nearly twenty years ago. (As an aside, I can't believe I could have done anything worth remembering twenty years ago!) I ducked inside and let my memories take me back. How lucky was I, going to Europe at the age of sixteen! That was supposed to be a once in a lifetime trip. Little did I know...

After marveling at the bizarre paths life takes us on for a while, I went on my way to El Sol y La Luna, where the girls and I indulged in some delicious South American fare (and good gossip!). After lunch, Aimee and I walked down to her tea house, L'Oisive Thé, so I could finally check out the renovations she did in August (lookin' good, as always!). Then we did a little Christmas shopping and it was already time for me to head back home.

It was a day out that I didn't realize how badly I needed until I was on the train back home. Settling in with a magazine and sore feet (seriously, why do I always wear the wrong shoes when I go to the city? Why??), I felt relaxed, focused, and ready to get home and scoop up my little Fry in my arms.

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