Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry merry merry!

Hey, look at me blogging three times in the same week! Woohoo!

So, last night went fine, though I did forget to take an Actifed before we left, so I was pretty much sniffly and out of it most of the time. Fry wasn't too fussy but we couldn't get him to sleep in the other room, so we ended up keeping him with us all evening. No matter, since he was awake for nearly six hours last night, he gave us a lovely Christmas present - sleeping through the night last night! He was a big hit with his cousins, especially his two year old cousin, C. She kept wanting to hold his hand, which was very sweet.

The apéritifs went over great, mostly with the adults, and of course we came home with the one vegetable I'm not a huge fan of: broccoli. Maybe I'll make a big chicken and broccoli stir fry this weekend... Our apéritifs were followed by my MIL's specialty, coquilles St. Jacques, a seafood dish with mussels and scallops in a creme sauce, usually served in a half shell. The main course was turkey stuffed with walnuts and raisins, cannette, or duckling, veggies and a gratin dauphinois, which was followed by salad and cheese and polished off with some ice cream cakes. Believe it or not, I managed to have a little bit of everything without stuffing myself! Miracle of miracles...

This morning I had to run to the boulangerie for bread, since Stéph and I are making a fondue for dinner tonight. It may come as a surprise that some shops are open on Christmas day, at least until noon. This is because a well made baguette should only be fresh for one day before it's as hard as a rock, so of course we all need fresh bread on Christmas! I know the butcher was also open this morning, and of course the bar was doing a brisk business as well! At the boulangerie, I found these little cakes and had to indulge:

buchettes de noël

(Sorry for the poor quality of the photo: it's so hard to get nice pictures with my point and shoot during winter because it's so freaking dark all the time!)

So, the traditional dessert for Christmas is the bûche de noël. When I saw these individually sized "buchettes," I knew I had to get a couple for us!

Today, I'm still pretty sick but the cold medicine seems to be working so hopefully this will only last a couple of days (and Fry won't catch it!). I hope y'all got something better than a cold for Christmas!

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