Thursday, April 02, 2009

five months

It's going by so fast! I can hardly believe it, Fry is five months old today.

A couple of changes to take note of... Of course the biggest change is that he's having a little bit of veggies now everyday at lunch time after his bottle. We've tried carrots, green beans, potatoes & leeks, but his favorite by far was peas just today. He's now drinking 240 ml (8 oz) of milk for breakfast, 250 ml of "veggie milk" (a prepared concoction of 200 ml of milk and "two spoonfuls" of either pumpkin or carrot and fortified with cereal) plus veggies for lunch (I would guess he's having about 20 or 30 ml), 240 ml of milk for snack and 250 ml of veggie milk for dinner. Since we decreased from five bottles a day to four, he's allowed to have a compliment of 30 ml of milk if he wants it, but he hasn't really wanted it for the last couple of weeks so I think we've found a new balance with the addition of the vegetables.

The other big change is that he suddenly prefers to sit up as much as possible. I have no doubt that this is in large part because of the Bumbo seat. He fits in it much more comfortably now and is content to sit in it while eating his veggies and just today we played on the floor for a bit in it. Even in his bouncy seat he tries to sit up as much as he can, which is especially helpful for trying to get a hold of his feet.

He can now roll over on his tummy, though he's only managed in situations where he's slightly propped up with a flat pillow or on a bed. We played on the floor for the first time today (we're going to have to get some baby tiles quick as we only have hard tile floors but today I threw a couple of blankets on the floor) and he didn't quite manage to turn all the way but he had fun trying! I suspect he's got another tooth pushing through since he's been fussy these last few days, the saliva factory is back in business and he's finding a lot more comfort in chewing on his harder toys.

Fry had his first head cold this month (or it may have been allergies like me) but he smiled right through the snot, just like everything else. We found some success with - get this - eucalyptus suppositories! At least his butt was minty fresh. But they did work! It also seems that he's outgrown his sleep sacks, as he's kicked himself out of them so much that he ended up being cold and crying at 3am for about a week. Too bad it took us a week to figure out what was wrong with him! Last night I finally got the bright idea to put him in the sort of sleep sack that snaps at the top and though he woke up a couple of times in the night, he got himself back to sleep like a champ. Whew!

As usual, Fry will have his five month check up next week, so I'll update the rest then.

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