Saturday, March 28, 2009

possibly my favorite photoshop ever


Just saw this on Fark, sorry I don't know who to attribute it to, but I think it's brilliant!

Not much else to report. Fry has been sick this week. He's got a little bit of a stuffy nose and a cough and I don't think he's slept this much since he was a newborn. Since he didn't have a fever we went to playgroup yesterday anyway with the thinking that it would be too bad to miss a week (we're still trying to get him used to the place). Unfortunately he cried the whole time and the ladies couldn't calm him down so we left after half an hour. At least he was smiling when we left! (I just hope he wasn't smiling because we were leaving!!)

We also went to a bourse aux vêtements this morning. Held in the salle des fêtes at the next town over, they had quite a lot of gently used clothes for babies up to teenagers plus toys and strollers, etc. For 50€ I got about ten onesies, five or six shirts, a jacket, a sweater, a few pairs of pants, a pair of overalls and three pajama sets, all in excellent condition. I'm really pleased with what we got and we only need to complete Fry's summer wardrobe with some socks, a few more t-shirts and onesies. Woohoo!


Doc said...

you can bouurse your arse over here and pick out all the extras he needs.


Lisanne said...

I love sales like those! I can't wait for yard sale season when the weather gets warmer here!!! Yay! I have yet to figure out the kids' summer wardrobes.