Tuesday, January 17, 2006

of cameras and cleaning

For Christmas, we received very lovely cash gifts (my favorite kind, followed closely by gift certificates) from my Grandma (hi Grandma!) and Dad. Last night I put them to good use and bought a new camera and memory card online. They should arrive in a couple of weeks.

YES!! I will have photos on the blog again!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!

Unless I drop it. Again. Heh.

Fact is, it's not top of the line or anything, so if I do drop it, it won't be too terrible to replace. But because it's not top of the line, it will be sure to last forever. That's just how things work out for me.

I finally got off my lazy butt today and cleaned the upstairs. Once I get going, nothing can stop me. It's just the "getting off my lazy butt" part that holds everything up.

Tomorrow we're going to participate in the famous French Soldes, which started last Wednesday and run through the end of the month. Troyes is rather well known in France for its outlet malls so you can imagine the traffic I ran into going and coming from Troyes for the choir stuff this past weekend. Hopefully it will have calmed down a bit tomorrow, but since many children don't have school on Wednesday afternoons it may still be busy. Fingers crossed that they all stay home and we find some cool new things!

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