Saturday, January 07, 2006

what dad brought me

I had several requests to post what Dad brought me from the states. Well, the customer is always right here at DfF, so here's a list of what I was missing:
  • Dad brought me the American version of City of Villains (I've been playing City of Heroes since I moved here), so I can continue to play on the American servers (and I rarely have lag! How's that for computer connections?)
  • REAL mayonnaise (tee hee heeeeeee!) I've been wanting to make some tuna fish sandwiches, and they just don't taste the same with French mayonnaise. It's perfect for the chicken salad Dad taught me how to make when he was here!
  • Karo syrup - and as promised, I made a pecan pie while Dad was here
  • Stove Top Stuffing, chicken flavored - went great with the rotisserie chicken we had yesterday
  • Blueberry muffin mix - will probably make these this weekend
  • two tins of clams, which I mentioned in my last post
  • Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix - Doc sent me a packet back in November so I could make a veggie dip for our Thanksgiving dinner in Paris, and I've had a hankering for it ever since!
Additional requests included:
  • I offered Dad's courrier services to Doc, who requested Bridgeford pepperoni sticks, which unfortunately have yet to be delivered (maybe next week?)
  • Dad also brought a gift for her almost-two-year-old son
  • Steph requested a couple of packs of clove cigarettes and Dad went to a discount cigarette place in North Carolina (he doesn't smoke anymore but he does indulge in a cigar now and then, and this place has the biggest walk-in humidor on the East Coast or something outrageous like that) and they didn't sell them by the pack so Steph got a whole carton of cigarettes. Now, I'm not one to talk about smoking, but those clove ciggies make me mighty ill. I'll be glad when they're gone!
Well, there you are, that's what I was jonsing for from the States. I could have asked for so many more things but I'm afraid Dad would have tried to bring everything I requested - I had only told him that there were three things I really wanted and the rest was only if he had room in his suitcase, and he still brought everything!

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