Monday, January 16, 2006

of music and babes

As much as I was dreading going to Troyes both mornings this weekend, I have to say I really enjoyed it and would happily do it again. My choir from the conservatory participated in the judging of nine choral director candidates. Those that will pass will be accredited by the National Conservatory and will begin their own careers as choir directors out in the real world. All the candidates were familiar with our repetoire and were told which piece they would be working with and they had 30 minutes to do what they liked with it - to correct, instruct or rehearse as they saw fit.

To be honest, I'm sure that all nine have passed, but the vast aray of techniques is what set each of them apart. The very first one was so nervous, I was very sure she was going to hyperventilate and pass out, but it was clear to all that it was standing in front of a jury that was getting to her, since the more she got into the work the more relaxed she became. My favorites were the woman who had absolutely no fear of the jury and took over the choir as if she'd been with us for years, joked with us and knew exactly what she wanted, and a fellow who also was super comfortable with the jury and asked questions to the choir about techniques (I do like audience participation!) and gave us the clearest and best advice on singing difficult arpeggios (I'm sure there's a better vocal term for them and I can't think of it right now) I have ever heard and we all remarked on it. The ones that left bitter tastes in our mouths were the ones who barely had any life in them at all or the one who would probably be better suited to be a theatre director, for all her movement and odd direction (granted she was directing a contemporary piece, but still).

And then there was the eye candy: the Italian who spoke with a gorgeous accent. *innocent grin*

Then yesterday afternoon, Steph and I drove to St. Dizier so I could hold a beautiful four day old girl named Christine, and of course to visit with her Maman and Papa. Maman, Papa, baby and big brother are all very well, and if all continues to be well, will be home tomorrow. As usual when around itty-bitty ones, I had to resist the urge to yell out "I want one!" but that, my friends, is another story.

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