Monday, January 09, 2006

vivi qui tombe

This morning, I forced my way out of a very strange dream, which involved living in a haunted house with my Dad, and made my way downstairs to say good morning to Steph before he went to work. I must still have been in a reverie about flying stuffed animals (I have no idea, don't ask) because I fell down the last three stairs. I didn't break anything (this time), but I sure did wake up in a hurry. I'm sure there are those that would say that the cause was the fact that our stairs are bare wood, but I'd like to point out that the last time I fell down stairs (and broke my big toe), it was in my old apartment which had carpeted stairs. I am just that clumsy.

Anyway, I shook it off and got on with my morning. After a breakfast of banana bread and juice and checking my emails, I donned some old exercise clothes and went back downstairs to try out my new yoga DVD (this is the first part of "turning a new leaf" this year... in the past I've threatened to buy exercise DVDs... this time I've actually bought two!). Unfortunately, I found out in the first five minutes that I did indeed hurt myself in the fall - suddenly I couldn't raise my right arm over my head without feeling a jolt of pain in my back. Seems I've pulled a muscle. Damn it.

So I've popped some pills (just aspirin, but I wish I had some muscle relaxers right now!) and had a hot shower, and I've got to somehow attempt to walk to the grocery and back and then mop the floors. With one working arm. *sigh* I would love to say "to hell with it" and lay around in a pitiful fashion today but I didn't do a damn thing last week because I was sick and frankly the state of this apartment is making me ill. I can't relax when it's like this. Damn it.

In other news, I'm responding to my first want ad with a cover letter and resume today. The good news is that they're looking for a bilingual (yeah I know, it's still a stretch) person to work with English speaking clients with some admin duties and it's an eighteen month contract. The bad news is that it's an hour's drive away, in a village south of Troyes. The odd news is that I don't know who the business is or what they do (at least in the States you usually know who you're applying to!), and I'm not sure how much it pays - they give an amount in the ad but don't say if it's gross or net. If it's gross, it's not too terrible for a first job, and if it's net, it's what I made (if not more) at my last job, which isn't bad at all. Anyway, fingers crossed, please!

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