Monday, April 21, 2008

and then everything happened at once

Um.... hi. Remember me? Yeeeeeeah.

I know, it's only been a week, but if feels like forever. To be fair, the last week was so uneventful that there really wasn't anything to write about. Stéph's second week of Spring Break was filled with sleeping in, goofing around on the computers, Stéph having bridgework done (and now we're poor again!), reading in bed, occasional walks, and one typical French lunch lasting the requisite six hours. See, I summed it up in a sentence - posts weren't necessary, were they?


And then two very exciting things happened. First, Stéph came home for lunch, like he usually does. We ate, he caught up on one of his computer games, and just as he was relaxing on the couch before going back to work he nonchalantly says, "So, how would you like to go to a beautiful seaside town in Spain next month?" Turns out Stéph has been chosen to represent the French contingent in the international teaching group he's been working with - the same one that sent him to Romania in October. Last time, his colleague brought her boyfriend to Romania and this time I get to go. Of course, I won't be lounging on the beach, as I'll have to sit in on the meetings as well, but there are still touristy things to do and SPAIN!!! I am SO EXCITED!!

So I was making a photocopy of my passport so Stéph's boss could order my plane ticket under my maiden name (by the way - I never did change my last name on my passport, though I changed it legally in the States before I moved here, anyone know if there is a problem with this or if I need to change it before it expires in 2012?) and it suddenly occurred to me that my récépissé for my carte de sejour is going to expire next week! Last time we went to the Préfecture to get my card it wasn't ready yet, so in order to avoid that fiasco again I called and actually got a real live person who told me that my card is actually ready to be picked up! This means my ten year residence card is very nearly in my grasp!

I also asked if Stéph had to be there with me to pick it up, and she said that as long as he signed a declaration that we live together that he shouldn't have to be there. That paper is what held up my card in the first place and should be in my file so hopefully we won't have a problem as Stéph won't be able to come with me this week! I won't go down without a fight, however!

While I'm thinking about it, has anyone received their ten year card recently and can tell me how much they had to pay for the "stamps" when they picked up their cards?


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