Tuesday, April 19, 2005

spring break marches on

Yesterday we made another attempt to find a spring coat for me. The weather was still crappy and cold, and the sky looked like the apocolypse was coming, with low dark clouds and heavy rains on the horizon. We ducked into E.LeClerc to pick up a few essentials, and by the time we got out, the rain had passed us by. Off we went to another shopping mecca, McArthurGlen. Unfortunately, Messirs Armani, Klein and Lauren still don't offer clothes in fluffy sizes, so we went home empty handed again. Everything I found was either too thin (can you imagine making a jacket with no lining and still charging 89 euros?) or was the wrong size or the wrong style. The search continues...

It seems the weather has brightened up quite a bit, so it looks like we're a go for visiting a local chateau tomorrow. This will be the second or third attempt at going, so I am cautiously looking forward to it. Finally, some fodder for my photoblog!

In other news
I still can't see my images and cannot get onto the photobucket.com website. If anyone has any tips or hints on what the hell is going on, please enlighten me in my comments box. Thanks!

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