Monday, April 11, 2005

sunday in Paris

I got a huge surprise in my email last week, when a friend of mine from back home wrote to tell me that she'd be in Paris this past weekend. Would we like to meet up for lunch?

Are you freaking kidding me?

So Steph and I took a train into Paris and met up with my friend at her hotel. After a lunch of crepes (mine was stuffed with chicken and mushrooms and cheese, miam miam!) we did a little sightseeing and went through the Cluny Museum, chatting and catching up all the while.

After meeting up with my friend's best friend, whom she had come to Paris to meet, we were met by fellow blogger Kylie. After saying goodbye to our friends from home (who promise to send popcorn, bwahahahahha), Kylie, Steph and I wandered around town. We stopped at the Memorial des Martyrs de la Deportation before wandering some more to find something to eat. Since dining options are a bit more limited on a Sunday, and we found ourselves back in the Latin Quarter, I suggested the Greek restaurant Mythos, where Squishy and I went in January. Unfortunately, the rowdy loud atmosphere didn't seem to be the right choice, and the charm of the place wore off quickly. Like Kylie said, "I don't like being obliged to YELL in my conversation!" Indeed.

After dinner, we said our goodbyes at the next metro stop and headed back to the train station. All in all, it was a fantastic day, and a wonderful way to start Steph's two week spring break.

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