Friday, June 19, 2009

vivi tries them so you don't have to

This week has been all about new things; a couple of new summer shirts for me and Stéph, a pair of shoes for me:

new shoes

and a new haircut tomorrow morning. Then there's the newness of Fry's standing up (and almost sitting back down without freaking out), periods of independent play and how he charms every person he meets.

So with all this newness, I thought I'd try a couple of these new (to me!) sodas that keep catching me eye. I'm not a big soda drinker (any more) but for some reason Orangina's wacky flavors keep calling out to me. If you've not heard of Orangina, it's a lovely orange soda with real bits of orange pulp and quite tasty.

But orange isn't what you'd think of when you see this:

Orangina cowboy

Yes, it's called Cowboy. Yee haw. Yep, it's orange mint. Actually, it's Orangina with mint syrup. Lots of mint syrup. Pass. (So much of a pass I told Stéphane he has to finish it!)

I didn't start off very well, but I couldn't stop myself!

Orangina Indien

Can't have Cowboys without Indians, can ya? This one is orange grenadine, and I'm happy to report we have a winner! It's not nearly as sickeningly sweet as the mint one, and is actually quite refreshing, like the original Orangina.

There's one other flavor out there called Orangina Rouge, which I presume is blood oranges? If I'm not soda-ed out by next week I may pick up a bottle and try it.

This weekend I'm leaving the testosteronies at home and going off on some adventures! If you keep your eyes peeled, you may be able to find me elsewhere on the internets... and that's all I'll say for now! You kids have a great weekend!


Ksam said...

As long as you're trying stuff, want to try out the new "fanta sans bulles" for us too? ;)

Vivi said...

Ooh, I might! I never liked Fanta until I went to Spain and had the lemon flavored one, now I love it! If I'm feeling soda-y, that's usually what I get now.

Ronica said...

Mint Orange? Ick. Unless it's cheesecake. (But then still probably ick. But I'd eat it anyway. But ick.)

I love the Frenchies' weird names for food. Cowboys apparently have a lot of oranges and mint in their saddlebags. Right next to the jerky and whiskey, on top of the snuff.

KathyMac said...

i had the same feelings about the cowboy.
but i have not tried the indien.

Andie said...

The cowboy one makes me want to throw up- the first time I got really drunk was Mint Schnapps mixed with orange juice and I had a hell of a hangover the next day, puking and all. I think I'll be staying away from the Cowboy, but the Indien sounds good. I just picked up a bottle of Schwepps Raisin, and it's quite tasty.

wcs said...

Off topic, just wanted to say Hi and how much I enjoyed your guest shot on the K&K podcast Saturday!

Rock on!

The Inside Skinny Girl said...

Orange mint. Kind of makes me wonder if they bothered doing any market testing because just the THOUGHT of that is repulsive to me.

The orange grenadine, on the other hand... might be worth a taste-test of my own.