Saturday, October 30, 2004

A Beautiful Day for a Walk

This afternoon we drove about 10 minutes out of Troyes to the Parc de Loisors in the village of Menoir.

It was a lovely afternoon, and you can see more pics at the photoblog.

Also, something extraordinary happened this morning. A few weeks ago, we went to Stéph's insurance agency to add me to his insurance. Not long after, we received a request for my birth certificate, which I happened to have (I still had two, actually, as I ordered three before I left the states), and we sent if off immediately. So this morning we got a mail from the insurance company. It was my birth certificate, with a note saying that they figured this was an original so they made a copy and sent it back in case I needed it for something else in the future. Will wonders never cease?

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