Saturday, October 16, 2004

Le Monde du Jeu

So today we, along with all the other geeks in France, headed to the exhibition halls at Porte de Versaille in southern Paris, to celebrate the world of role playing games.

Now, I am not ashamed to tell you that I am indeed a geek and I do love a good role playing game. So does my husband and my sister (ha! outted you as well, sis!). During the long months when Stéph and I were seperated by the Atlantic Ocean, we'd spend many an hour playing Dark Age of Camelot. Now that my sister and I are seperated by the Atlantic Ocean, we spend many an hour playing City of Heroes. Sis has also been playing Evercrack Everquest for quite awhile now (more than three years, I think). But I think we do have in common that we do understand that it's just gaming; in other words, we don't eat, breathe and sleep this stuff.

And neither does most of the folks who attended today's (unbelieveably overcrowded - why on earth we were all crammed into teeney tiny Hall 8 I'll never know) exhibition.

And then, there's these guys:

"Arr matey, where can we find a mug o' ale and a room full of trolls?"

...who can buy one of these:

Self respect sold separately

Man, I know how much fun it is to dress up and stuff, but...

Eh, that's just me.

I'm sad to report that the day was mostly disappointing. We grabbed something to eat at a restaurant across the street from the expo center, where they clearly didn't expect 500 gamers to show up for steak and frites... I can only guess because they only had one waiter on staff and they got our orders wrong (but am able to report that the Parisien waiter was gracious about it, offering to take them back). Also, we paid 8 euros each to get in, but there wasn't really that much to see. We were both under the impression that the exibition would encompass all of the center, instead of what must have been the smallest hall on the campus. We did get to meet up with a few of the guys we know from DAoC, but it was only for a few minutes as to stand in one place too long was to invite certain death from the crushing masses. There was a photo taken, and if I can get that person to forward it to me, I'll gladly post it.

At 4:00 we left, and thanks to the glory that is the A5, were home by 5:30. Totally worth the 7.90 euros.

Ah well.... we're going back to Paris next weekend, so maybe we'll have better luck the second time around.

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