Sunday, October 10, 2004

Responses are Pouring In

I've gotten some great suggestions so far for my photography assignment. They include:
  • The Lurker (Thomas clearly has a death wish for me)
  • the view from my window (a lovely idea, Tracy)
  • the main street in Troyes
  • A plant I've never seen in the states
  • my husband (submitted by my sister, who was my maid of honor and knows what he looks like)
  • the most different building/street sign I see everyday
  • local pedestrian shopping zone (I think Anna and I think alike - "where's the shopping?!" :P)
  • a local market

These are really really great! I'll keep taking suggestions until Tuesday, and then you'll be asked to vote... the top three will be my photography assignment, to be posted here.

In related news....
I did actually get the pictures downloaded to the computer, but when I added the pic of the fridge to the site, it was ginormous. Could some really nice soul explain to me in small words how to decrease the size of the photo so I don't have to rename this page Dispatches from the Fridge?

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