Thursday, October 07, 2004

Patience, Grasshoppers

I know you're all dying to see pictures, but you'll have to cool your jets till this weekend. I did buy batteries today and even took a couple of pics, but Steph is pooped and I'm not feeling mean enough to insist he show me how his camera loads pics on the pooter. Tomorrow we're going fishing, so Saturday come hell or high water I will download these pictures.

Lurker update
As I was walking to the post office today, the Lurker was hovering on his doorstep. Even though I was across the street, I could still hear him spewing. I didn't look but as I was the only person out and about, so I'm sure his comments were directed at me. Or I'm ultra paranoid.

In any case, I wished him a good day. Well in my mind I did, anyway.

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