Thursday, April 20, 2006

and back

It was a relatively uneventful return, though I realized today that my layover was longer than the flight from Toronto to Paris. Toronto is now officially my favorite airport in the world. Not only is it insanely easy to do international connections there, but terminal one has some really nice shops (Lush! If only I had more money! And a bathtub!) and I had no problem making my own little space with my cd player and cross stitch.

I've had a shower and a nap, and I'll be heading back to sleep in a couple of hours, but just wanted to say that I'm home, all is well, I have over a hundred photos to sort through and post and I have more stories about my trip home that I'll share in the next few days. Right after I get over my jet lag - say in a couple of weeks or so?

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