Saturday, April 22, 2006

At last, they're loaded

red azaleas
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I just finished loading all 86 (presentable) photos onto my flickr page. There's lots of photos of flowers in bloom and general things to see on the farm back in North Carolina where my grandmother lives. Just click on the picture here or on the link in my sidebar.

I think I talked mostly about family in the posts I wrote while I was there, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the two days when I caught up with friends. On Friday, my sister joined me in hanging out with The Birches, a high falootin' society comprised of my three best friends from college. We ate fancy food in Charlotte and then followed that up with a visit to a wine bar - in a mall, no less. Nothing like liquoring up before a good shop. Unfortunately, sis and I had to cut it short in order to make it back in time for the party being thrown in honor of my cousin and his wife, but it was a much needed afternoon of in-jokes and girl gossip. Thank you ladies, and hopefully we'll do a better one this summer!

Monday afternoon I drove down to Greenville, the town of my last mailing address, to visit with my dear old friends The Dinettes (why aren't there t -shirts yet?). The Dinettes continue to meet once a week at a different restaurant, most mostly stick close to home and enjoy the two favorites (especially since they're in walking distance to most of the members): a Greek pizza joint and a Mexican restuarant. We met Monday night at the Mexican restaurant where I indulged in a couple of grown-up slushies and glorious cheese dip - and I'd forgotten how good their pico de gallo is, too! After a wonderful meal, we retired to S's veranda where more wine was consumed and more catching up was done. Even though they are in the throes of a major kitchen renovation, S and R were extremely gracious hosts (like always!) and made me feel right at home. The next day, it was up and early so S and R could get to work, and also so I could swing by my old office to catch up with those old friends. I brought them some French pastries (*cough*Krispy Kreme*cough*) and checked out their new office arrangements. Not wanting to keep them from working for too long (ha ha!), I kept it short and hopefully next time I'll be able to stay for lunch!

That's pretty much it from the Easter vacation. I think I'm just about over the jet lag, which is a good thing, since we're heading to Doc's new house tomorrow, where she's gonna put me and Steph to work. At least I know the chow will be good!

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