Monday, April 03, 2006

holy moly!

a light for Christine
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This weekend, Steph and I headed back to the country for a very special occassion: the baptism of Doc's daughter, Christine. It was a really beautiful ceremony, and it being the first time I've been invited to an "Important Ceremony" (ie weddings, baptisms, funerals, etc. though I can do without that last one for a while yet, thanks) since I've moved to France I found it all very interesting. Much to my surprise, I was able to follow the majority of the mass, and I found the priest to be a very energetic, entertaining sort of fellow who likes audience participation ("And why did you choose this particular passage?"). The lovely little Christine, who had been screaming bloody murder the night before until 5am, was a perfect angel and didn't blink an eye when being fussed over with water and oil.

Afterwards, we all celebrated at a nearby restaurant and enjoyed an outstanding meal with friends and family that had arrived from all over for the special event.

I took a few pictures (they can be seen on my flickr feed) and I even took a few videos of the ceremony. This was the first time I took any video with my camera, and considering I didn't take into account any of its video features when I bought it, and you can't use flash or zoom when the video is running, I am quite impressed with the quality I got. That means you may be inundated with boring videos from me in the near future....

Anyway, thank you very much to Doc & Marc for including us in Christine's special day!

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